• Making repairs on a bulldozer.
Services and repairs are performed at our premises and in the field. There are four shops on our premises that can hold up to eight (8) large vehicular equipment with five of our service trucks are readily available for on site repairs.  Each truck is equipped with a compressor, welder, auto crane, speciality tools, etc.)

We conduct live fire and water pump performance testing on any fire apparatus on our premises.  State Vehicle Inspection and DOT Inspection are available at our premises. Towing is available (upon request or emergency).

Our Business is fully insured and all mechanics are required to take ISTC training upon initial employment and annually thereafter. (ISTC = Industrial Safety Training Council) Several of our employees have TWIC cards.  (TWIC = Transportation Worker Identification Credential)

We specialize in all types of heavy equipment repair:

    • Construction Equipment
      • Backhoe
      • Bulldozer
      • Forklift
      • Rollers, Pavers, ect
    • Cranes
      • Mobile Cranes
      • Crane Inspections
    • Emergency Equipment
      • Ambulance
      • Fire Engines
      • Fire Pumps
    • Farm Equipment (All Types)
    • Heavy Duty Trucks
      • D.O.T. Inspections
      • Dump Trucks
      • Flatbed
      • Semi Trucks
    • Welding